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Jeffran Music Pedal Steel Guitar Assoc.
Bobby Lee's Steel Guitar Forum
Rebel™ s' and Ricky's Real
Audio Clips and Tab
Peavey Amps
Steel Seat
"America's #1 Choice For Steel Guitar Seating"
Justice Steel Guitars
Fred makes a great guitar, you really have to sit down behind one to find out its true ability and performance. Real smooth!
Full Circle Sound
Billy runs a digital recording studio, and sells guitars, pedal steels, keyboards, drums, etc. He's a great musician, you'll have to check his website.


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Tommy Cass'  Steel Guitar Shop


Call for address

Fessenden Steel Guitars


P.O. Box 65 Montpelier,
VT, 05602

Emmons Steel Guitar Co.


P.O. Box 1366, Burlington,
NC, 27216

Zumsteel, Inc.


25625 South Brush
College Road,
Harrisonville, MO, 64701



Provides You With
Great Ways to Dramatically
Improve Your Sound, Plus The
Ultimate Means To Control It

Mono Volume Pedals
No-Loss Impedance Devices
Stereo Volume Pedals and Accessories

Big JIM's
Pick'n Tracks
Custom Tracks ... you pick the key, you set
the tempo. And
Practice Tracks (with
or without a singer.

36835 Avenue 12, Madrea, CA, 93638

Band in Box - Country - Classical -Jazz - Blues
Digital Audio Labs Fatar - Roland - Much more.

The Pedal Steel Guitar Assoc., Inc.
P.O. Box 20248, Floral Park, NY, 11002-0248

President: Bob Maickel
our URL:

The only thing standing between
you and great sound
  George L's products

P. O. Box 238, Madison, TN, 37116

our URL:

voted #1 in best sound clarity by Guitar Player magazine

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